Submitted by John Barker
Strongwell Corporation
400 Commonwealth Avenue
Bristol, VA 24203

Source:  Pultrusion line in Bristol Division plant operating at 43"/min (215 ft/hr) running polyester resin at a rate of 32.5 lb/hr. The resin as run had a monomer content of 26.4% wt styrene.

Method: Emission test employing Method 204 Temporary Total Enclosure. An FID calibrated on methane was used to measure total hydrocarbon in exhaust streams, and results converted to styrene, assuming all HC was styrene.

Agency Witness: Not witnessed, but results submitted to OAQPS during development of MACT standard for pultrusion as basis of preform injection P2 option.

Test Description: The test was conducted in February 2000, and consisted of five runs: a baseline with no resin to determine background, two runs of a normally configured line with wetout via open resin bath, and two runs with wetout via preform die injection. No air curtains were employed.

Emission Factors:
Open Resin Bath: 0.0241 0.0296 lb styrene emitted / lb available styrene
Preform Injection: 0.0011 0.0019 lb styrene emitted / lb available styrene   
Pollution prevention by Preform Injection reduced styrene emissions by 95.4 96.1%.