Purpose and Content

This database was prepared by ECRM under contract to the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA, formerly the Composite Fabricators Association) to help composites manufacturers and their permitting authorities to identify and evaluate appropriate organic compound emission factors for processes other than open molding. For open molding processes, use this link http://www.acmanet.org/ga/index.cfm
to access the Unified Emission Factors (UEF) database on ACMA's website.

On this site you can access data submitted to ECRM by participating companies, documenting emission tests and bench-scale analyses conducted at the identified facilities. Agencies accepting these factors as a basis for current air permits are identified. We describe the process, equipment tested, and derivation of each factor in detail, to help readers choose between factors presented. Click on the Data Summary button to the left for a listing of current factors available here.  Click on the appropriate navigation buttons to access individual test information.

Typically the only organic compounds emitted from these processes are resin monomers, which react with nonvolatile resin organics to form the matrix in which reinforcement is embedded.  All such monomers are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)defined by USEPA. Two of the most common, styrene and methyl methacrylate, are also Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) as defined by USEPA. In each test report, we specify whether the factor is expressed in terms of monomer or hydrocarbon emissions.

ACMA gratefully acknowledges the participation of all companies volunteering information. All composite manufacturers benefit from this shared knowledge. Without it, permit agencies may adopt unrealistic "worst-case" factors from other industrial processes, or require expensive and redundant emission tests.

Share Your Knowledge to Improve This Database

We intend to update this resource periodically, but to do so we need your help.  If you have developed agency-accepted emission factors, please consider sharing them. Simply click on the Data Submittal navigation button, fill out the form, and submit the data online. 

If you have any questions or suggested improvements to this resource, please contact:

David Lipiro

Disclaimer:  The information in this database is believed to accurately represent emissions from the subject processes. However, neither ACMA, ECRM Inc., nor any data contributor warrants the fitness of this information for use by others.