Submitted by John Barker
Strongwell Corporation
615 N. King Road
San Jose, CA  95133

Source: Polymer concrete casting operation producing four different parts for the utilities industry, using resin with a monomer content of 43% wt styrene as run.

Method: Emission test employing Method 204 Temporary Total Enclosure (TTE). An FID calibrated against styrene sample gas was used to measure styrene in the TTE inlet and exhaust streams, while production data were recorded so styrene emitted per pound of available resin could be calculated.

Agency Witness: Not witnessed, but results submitted to OAQPS during development of reinforced composites MACT standard.

Test Description: The test was conducted in December 2000, and consisted of three replicate runs of each of four products. Emissions were measured from initial mixing of resin and aggregate through demolding of the cure parts.

Emission Factors (all in lb styrene emitted / lb available):
Utility Enclosure A:  0.0046 at 2.48 lb resin / gal aggregate mix added
Utility Enclosure B:  0.0113 at 2.57 lb resin / gal aggregate mix added
Cover A:                  0.0101 at 2.15 lb resin / gal aggregate mix added
Cover B:                  0.0102 at 2.52 lb resin / gal aggregate mix added

Note: these results are consistent with a test of cast composite "marble" (vanity top) production reported on the ACMA website (Members Only section at http://www.acmanet.org ) during which an emission factor of 0.0133 was determined.