Venture Industries - Conneaut
333 Gore Road
Conneaut, OH 44030

Source: At the request of EPA Region V, the 24" and 48" sheet molding compound (SMC) machines at this facility were tested. The open wet area of the two machines is 8.13 and 20.63 sq ft respectively. Both units were fitted with partial doctor box covers, closed resin delivery systems, and employed nylon carrier film (not edge-wrapped).

Method: VOC emission test, per protocol approved by Ohio EPA. For each machine, a separate  Method 204-compliant temporary total enclosure (TTE) was installed and operated to capture 100% of emissions.

Agency Witness: Christine McPhee, North East District Office, Ohio EPA, 330-425-9171

Test Description: The 24" machine test was conducted 10/21/04 and 11/18/04 (48"), and consisted of three 1-hr runs each, during which SMC was running at an average rate of 1.27 tons/hr with styrene content of 14.16% made from low-density paste with a styrene content of 20.76%. The 48" machine test was conducted 11/18/04. and consisted of three 2-hr runs, during which SMC was run at an average rate of 5.06 tons/hr with styrene content of 10.68% made from paste with a styrene content of 14.68%.

Emission Factor:
24" Machine - 0.00239 lb VOC emitted / lb VOC available
                                 48" Machine - 0.00389 lb VOC emitted / lb VOC available