Venture Industries - Conneaut
333 Gore Road
Conneaut, OH 44030

Source: This unit is a 400-gallon mixer in Conneaut plant. The removable cover is designed and operated to meet MACT requirements. Venting only occurred when bulk solids were added (about 5 minutes out of the average 60 min mix cycle). The paste had a monomer content of 20.76% wt styrene as run. Measure emissions include those generated during charging the mixer tank at the adjacent resin fill station.

Method: VOC emission test, per protocol approved by Ohio EPA. A Method 204-compliant temporary total enclosure (TTE) was installed to capture 100% of emissions, and the fill station was included in the TTE.

Agency Witness: Christine McPhee, North East District Office, Ohio EPA, 330-425-9171

Test Description: The test was conducted 9/30/04, and consisted of three runs of the same resin formulation. Styrene was the only VOC emitted.

Emission Factor:
0.00345 lb VOC emitted / lb VOC available
Assuming an uncovered emission factor of 0.01, pollution prevention by installation of this cover reduced styrene emissions by 65.5%.